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X Country Singlesided Pedals

XC Pedal Single Sided

Principles of the Cross Country Pedal

Keywin's range of conventional Cross Country Pedals are made for rugged use.

High quality Inner Bearing with a roller outer bearing. Both are well protected against contaminents making them long lasting and reliable.

Cleat mechanism is non-split type and works well even in adverse conditions.

Cross Country Single Sided Plain (model 200S)

One side clip in other side plain serrated alloy platform. Superb utility pedal which offers good performance with mountain biking shoes or running shoes.

Cross Country Single Sided Rubber (model 210S)

Similar as 200S but not clip in side is rubber faced offering grip with smooth soled shoes.

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  • X Country Singlesided
    Price : $56.52+GST
    X Country Singlesided Plain Grip
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  • X Country Singlesided
    Price : $56.52+GST
    X Country Singlesided Rubber Grip
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