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Pedal Set Carbon Titanium Axle

The Keywin Carbon Ti pedal stands alone as the world's most technically advanced pedal system every created

  • 245 grams (Total weight including cleats and hardware)
  • Tunable float resistance.
  • 3045mm2 platform area. The largest of any road pedal for maximum power transfer.
  • Change from free to fixed. No cleat change required.
  • Integrated float means no more sloppy floating pedal/cleat interface.
  • Low 14mm stack height improves pedaling efficiency.

Bigger is better

The Keywin Carbon series pedals feature an unrivaled 3045mm2 platform in the cleat/pedal interface to ensure maximum power transfer. Here is how the competition stacks up:

  • Keywin: 3045mm2
  • Speedplay: 750.06mm2 (4 hole mounting)
  • Look Keo Blade: 402mm2
  • Shimano: ----

Everybody get down, get down

At 14mm of total stack Keywin lets you step on it. Keeping the rider's foot close to the pedal provides maximum power and control.

  • Keywin: 14mm
  • Speedplay: 8.5mm before adding 3 hole adaptor
  • Look: 15.7mm
  • Shimano: 14.4mm

Totally dialed

No other pedal features tunable float resistance. Set your own float without spring resistance with the turn of a screw. Leg muscles should be used to power you forward instead of being used to control your stroke. Keywin pedals will improve your power and help you customize your pedaling comfort.


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Gram for gram, the competition is off the back

The Keywin Carbon-Ti as a complete system (that's everything) comes in at just 200 grams.

  • Keywin Carbon Ti: 245g
  • Speedplay Nanogram Zero: 284g (with 3 hole adaptor)
  • Time iClic Titan: 254g
  • Look Keo Blade Carbon: 258g
  • Shimano Dure-Ace Carbon: 320g

Solid as a rock

No other pedal offers the solidity of Keywin when it comes to pedal-cleat interface.

Some pedals, even when new, feature significant amounts of play in the pedal cleat interface. This robs power from the rider and causes lateral rocking in the knee joint, upsetting the potential for a clean pedal stroke.

Float on

It's an idea that is over 100 years old. We thought it could use an update.

Unlike any other pedal on the market, Keywin has six degrees of tunable radial float built right into the pedal. No more sloppy cleats floating every which way. Keywin has developed the most precise stable float ever, putting you a century ahead of the competition.

Most pedals on the market feature some kind of float, but when the cleat is allowed to pivot and also slide laterally, the natural float becomes restricted against the side of the pedal body. When the rider applies power to the pedals this action effectively fixes the cleat in one position.

Knee Tracking

Every good bicycle fitter knows that a good fitting goes way beyond saddle position and stem length. Keywin pedals allow you dial in your customer's knee tracking and pedal stroke like never before. By offering six custom axle lengths, Keywin pedals make alignment of the pelvis and knees easier than ever before.

Down to the millimeter

Now by using our Keywin fit kit you can match a rider's natural stance width and q-angle to the appropriate pedal width in just minutes. Keywin axle sizes vary from 49mm 52mm 55mm 58mm 61mm and 65mm, meaning that with standard pedal washers you can dial in every fit to the millimeter.

Solid as a rock

Keywin features the most solid pedal platform on the market. By removing any lateral rock in the cleat-pedal interface you won't be left chasing the rider's knee tracking to no avail. (More information available for dealers.)

Efficient pedaling is powerful pedaling

With Keywin's exclusive tractional float adjustment you can now customize the exact amount of float resistance required by an individual rider. This will help riders of all ability levels control their pedaling motion while not overloading the biceps femoris and the pes anserine.

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  • Pedal Set Carbon Titanium Axle
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