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MTB Downhill Pedals

Principles of the Downhill Pedal

Keywin's range of Downhill Pedals are made for rugged use. High quality inner bearing and a roller outer bearing.

Both are well protected against contaminants making them long lasting and reliable. The cage is structurally very strong and secured by 4 Phillips screws.

Cleat mechanism is non-split type and works well even in adverse conditions.

MTB Downhill Pedal (828 Model)

HTI double sided downhill pedals have remained largely unchanged since first introduced over 10 years ago.

The attachment system is of the rocking type held within the outer generously sized cage. Although there were no failures in NZ, axle diameters were increased in the late 90's. They have been extremely popular and have given excellent service.

They are available in silver, black and red.


  • Weight = 275gms per pedal
  • Each cleat screws = 30gms

Downhill Single Sided (838 Model)

One side clip in, one side plain platform.

Introduced to NZ in late 2007 these are proving very popular. The single side clip in is a fixed attachment. A superb compromise pedal.

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