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Leopard Cross Country Pedals

Principles of the Cross Country Pedal

Keywin's range of conventional Cross Country Pedals are made for rugged use.

High quality Inner Bearing with a roller outer bearing. Both are well protected against contaminents making them long lasting and reliable.

Cleat mechanism is non-split type and works well even in adverse conditions.

Leopard Cross Country (969 CC Model)

Introduced for the 2008 season these double sided pedals have real 'bling'.

They are very attractive and retain the conventional attachment system but with greater mud clearing ability.

The bodies are manufactured by investment casting and are of a very high quality.

The CC model has a chrome moly axle yet the complete set including cleats and ixing hardware weighs in at only 392 grams - each pedal weighs only 164 grams.

I ride these pedals myself and find the clipping mechanism a) very secure even when he spring is backed right off b) very easy and predictable release and c) very easy to locate even when restarting on steep and bad surface climbs. They are also very mud and clay tolerant.

Leopard Cross Country (969 CT and TT Models)

Introduced for the 2014 season the CT has aTitanium axle which reduces weight to 136 grams for each pedal with a completeset weight of 336 grams (including cleats and fixing hardware).

The TT has a Titanium axle and Titanium mechanism which reduces weight by a further 22 grams to only 114 grams per pedal. Set weight is down to 292 grams.

"Bling" is furthr enhanced on the CT and TT models with the axles finished in a fabulous gold which really makes them stand out.

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