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Specials at Keywin

We can currently offer some specials on our Anti Chafing Cream as shown below - recovered from a receivers repossession.

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The CRM pedals below are offered with older style axles (which do not allow radial movement i.e. can be used with fixed pedal inserts only) at $100 to clear. Otherwise they are the same as current production.


The 54mm (-1mm) Carbon pedals have 54mm chrome moly axles manufactured in error. They are perfectly new pedals but do not comply with our standard production or packaging - they will be supplied without packaging. Offered at a special discounted price of $150.


We have a small number of CRM pedal sets which have been exchanged for alternative lengths. The pedals will have been fitted and trialled but not used for more than a few minutes. The packaging has also been soiled or slightly damaged. There are only three standard (55mm) and three +3mm (58mm). Discounted price $150.

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    Price : $130.43+GST
    CRM Chrome Moly +3 (58mm) (length exchange)
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