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Anti Chafing Cream

Alan Bate did it with Keywin

Here's What Alan Reckons

I would say that before I began the World Record attempt, a number of things really concerned me. This included the contact points on the bike as I would be spending so many hours in the saddle. Finding Keywin was a huge relief. I discovered the pedals I had been searching for: Ultra light, reliable, competitive, even with the extra load bearing of carrying my gear. The pedals performed amazingly under a lot of strain and in diverse terrain and climates. I never had a single problem.

The other nightmare for cyclists is the problem of saddle sores. Some riders have lost their careers in the past as a result of them. Spending up to 18 hours a day in the saddle meant great shorts and a good saddle just wasn't enough and Keywin's Anti-chafing cream was a daily necessity!

For the inevitable aches and pains, I used the muscle cream, especially during and after the truly tough days of climbing and headwinds, where recovery is a challenge. So, really, I would say Keywin should receive a new Guinness World Record for World beating products!

Yours in Sport,
Alan Bate

Almost all riders suffer saddle soreness at some time in their careers. And its not just the 200km a day people who have to take precautions - even 20km can badly affect some people.

Keywin's John Winkie was one of the sufferers on over 50km rides and he set out to find a solution. In conjunction with some very clever chemists, John set new standards with Shammy Cream some 20 years ago and the formula remains very similar today. Before Keywin, creams had varied from axle grease to sump oil depending on temperature. Keywin stabilised the cream through all ambient temperatures. Some actually rotted the shammies of the day - think what they did to your skin. When the creams failed riders resorted to methylated spirits and other even more home spun remedies.

But by carefully mixing additives to the stable base of lanolin (derived from wool processing - and who has more sheep than New Zealand?) to give antiseptic and anti fungal properties, Keywin Anti Chafing Cream provides the best possible protection from soreness. Many other Creams have tried to emulate Keywin Anti Chafing Cream but all have fallen short.

Keywin changed the name from Shammy cream to Anti Chafing Cream when other sports people experimented with great success for other chafing problems like runner's nipple and wet suit collar sores.

Tips on using our Anti Chafing Cream

  • The Cream should be used generously over the complete shammy. The effect is to produce minimum movement between skin and shammy - movement should be between the shorts and saddle.
  • We recommend high levels of personal hygiene after riding and washing shorts by hand very thoroughly after each ride.
  • Using the old adage that prevention is better than cure "Use before you're sore"!!!

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