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Thermal balm enables athletes to compete and train in adverse conditions of cold and wet.


It has been described as providing a “second skin barrier” against wet whilst at the same time warming muscles and joints in depth.


How does it do this?

The success of the product comes from two sources

  • A blend of very high quality essential oils providing warmth and muscle activating and pain reducing properties
  • A beeswax base providing a super waterproofing layer.


The effects on skin comfort with the associated warming effect, and the protective barrier layer is quite extraordinary. Many of the test athletes have reported they can do without tights in much colder conditions than normal. One of the benefits is that the rider is not forced to over dress on cold starts and then be too hot later in the morning. Also if it's raining the water just globules off and doesn't soak into tights making them heavier and heavier.

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