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Mountain Bike & Cross Country Pedals
  • Mountain Bike & Cross Country Pedals

    Our cross country pedals make for rugged use.


    High quality inner bearing with a roller outer bearing. Both are well protected against contaiments, making them long lasting and reliable.


    The cleat mechanism is a non-split type and works well even in adverse conditions.


    The platform pedals are available in black and titanium (silver) finishes.

    • Specs: Weight = 190gms per pedal
      Cromo axles = 140gms per pedal
      Each cleat screws = 30gms


    The Leopard XC have a greater mud clearing ability.

    • Introduced for the 2014 season, the CT has a titanium axle which reduces weight to 136gms for each pedal.
    • The TT has a titanium axle and mechanism which reduces weight by a further 22gms to only 114gms per pedal.

    The CT and TT models are finished in gold.


    XC Single sided pedals are availabe in plain grip or rubber grip.

    • The plain grip model 200S has one side clip and other side plain serrated alloy platform. They offer good performance with mountain biking or running shoes.
    • The rubber grip model 210S is similar to the plain grip model, but does not have a clip in side. It is rubber faced - offering grip with smooth soled shoes.


    The MTB downhill pedals are available in two models - HTI double sided 828 model or the single-sided 838 model.

    • The attachment system of the 828 model is of the rocking type within the outer, generously sized, cage. These are available in black, silver, and red.
      • Specs: Weight = 275gms per pedal; each cleat screw = 30gms
    • The 838 single-sided has one side clip in and one side plain platform.