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    Almost all riders suffer saddle soreness at some time in their careers. And its not just the 200km a day people who have to take precautions - even 20km can badly affect some people.

    Before Keywin, creams had varied from axle grease to sump oil depending on temperature. Keywin stabilised the cream through all ambient temperatures. 


    By carefully mixing additives to the stable base of lanolin (derived from wool processing - and who has more sheep than New Zealand?) to give antiseptic and anti fungal properties, Keywin Anti Chafing (SHAMMY) Cream provides the best possible protection from soreness. 

    It has a long life with no detectable deterioration after 2 years, is pleasantly perfumed to eliminate unwanted odors, and is temperature stable through the normal ambient temperature range.


    Keywin changed the name from Shammy cream to Anti Chafing Cream when other sports people experimented with great success for other chafing problems like runner's nipple and wet suit collar sores.


    What is a Chamois Pad?

    The term “chamois” (pronounced sha-mē/shammy) refers to the pad that is sewn into a Lycra® or spandex cycling short. The chamois pad is made of cushioning foam of varying densities, with a top surface that helps to wick moisture and provide a soft feel against your skin. The chamois pad alleviates pressure in your nether regions when you sit on the saddle, reduces friction and chaffing, and often has antimicrobial properties that reduce odor and bacteria, too.


    Tips on using our Anti Chafing Cream

    • The cream should be used generously over the complete chamois. The effect is to produce minimum movement between skin and chamois - movement should be between the shorts and saddle.
    • We recommend high levels of personal hygiene after riding and washing shorts by hand very thoroughly after each ride.
    • Using the old adage that prevention is better than cure "Use before you're sore"!!!


    Discount applies on bulk order of 200g or 500g tubs.


    Made in New Zealand

    • Directions

      CYCLISTS and TRIATHLETES: Use on natural or synthetic chamois. Apply generously to the ridge of the chamois. It is intended that the skin/shammy contacts should be slightly sticky. All movement should be between the rider's shorts and the saddles, not the riders skin and shorts.

      RUNNERS: Use to stop chafing between the thighs and nipple soreness.

      SWIMMERS: Use behind the neck and on sensitive areas around the arms to ease rubbing between the wetsuit and skin.

    • 10% Discount

      Receive a 10% discount on wholesale orders of the anti-chafing cream

      6 tubs of the 500g

      12 tubs of the 200g



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