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Taranaki 70.3 - 2014

Taranaki 70.3 - February 2014


I always love racing down in the Naki so it was great to be heading back down to attempt to defend my title from last year.  It's a bit of a long haul drive from Kinloch but definitely worth the time!  The last few weeks have been going ok, I have been working on my speed a bit more so a lot more shorter faster sessions which is been great for my development and most importantly giving me extra time to spend with my family.  The weekend would be a good endurance session and hit out to keep the form rolling.


The swim went well, a little long but I wasn't complaining coming out of the water with around a 2min 30 lead.   

I wasn't racing with a watch on the bike which has its benefits but I was wondering when the turnaround was going to finally arrive, and then I could only guess the time I had to second place….I had enough to be comfortable but it did look like the field was pushing hard so I tried not to button off at all.  As it was I had around the same lead as I started the ride and taking out the fastest bike split.


Onto the run the legs felt fresh and I was able to tick the k's off comfortably and extend my lead, it was great to feel light on my feet and take the win again.


Recovery has been good and am back into the short hard stuff again which I am really enjoying.


Next up is an ITU race in Tasmania in 3 weeks, yep that's a short drafting race!  I am really looking forward to the challenge.



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