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Graham O'Grady - Alcatraz 2014

As always the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon lived up to its reputation of being a sensational event. It had been a while since my last race, training was ticking along with good days and bad but generally I was feeling good and most importantly I was eager to be back on the start line. This year was special getting to travel as a family and have them there to support me.  I am always talking about how cool the race is...getting to jump of the boat into freezing water, riding a hilly scenic ride then running past the golden gate bridge and up some brutal sand stairs, what a race! 


I had a solid swim, a little off the pace. Exiting the water I was around 3-4th position, the run to the bike is always a good gauge on how the legs are feeling.  Generally they are numb from the cold water but I felt I had a little spring so I was hoping for a good ride.  


The first couple of km's I watched Docherty, Bird and Fleischmann ride away from me which was not pretty, I started worrying about being passed and dropping further and further back, not an ideal situation my legs just felt like they were slowing but I hadn't spent 12hrs on a flight to give up so I kept pushing hoping things would kick into gear and I would start moving back up through the field. Holding in there has its merits and by the first climb I was starting to feel a little stronger and began moving back up. By the end of the ride I was sitting around 5th.  


The run is always tough but the support on the way back is unreal and such great scenery!  I started to feel pretty upbeat and finished off in 4th place.  I was happy with the result based on the lead up I'd had and especially coming from our winter.  The result has given me some areas to work on and some new goals. I can't wait to race again. 

Busy finish area


Next up is Samoa Half Ironman where I will defend my title from last year. So from now until then it's back onto my life fitness treadmill which I can't get enough of at the moment, so cool, plenty of trainer workouts, and ample sweat sessions! 




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