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Cameron Brown Ironman Philippines 2018

posted 8 Jun 2018

Good morning from Subic Bay

Yesterdays race was one for extremes! Perfect conditions greeted the 1600 athletes in the 70.3 and Ironman events for the swim but after that things turned a little messy. After not being able to get in the water for the rest of the week with my cut to the head which required 8 stitches I was still hopeful I would swim ok, I did for the first 3km but it was a struggle after that and I lost the toes of the group in the last 800m which put me in no mans land for the entire ride. 

The two lap bike course took place on the motorway which runs from Subic Bay to Manila, it was fast and smooth but had some good hills mixed in as well. I was riding in 4th place behind Nick Baldwin from the Seychelles, fellow kiwi Simon Cochrane and Freddy Lambert from South Africa. I was slowly losing time to the leaders and it was around 5mins at the 90km mark. That's when the storm blew up and a tropical down fall took place along with some sever winds, I was having trouble keeping my bike in a straight line! The temperature had cooled off 5c with the rain and I was hoping it would stick around for the entire run as it's never fun coming out of a kiwi winter with temps at around 15c to temps in the high 30's! 

Coming off the bike and I was 9mins down on Nick and 3mins behind Simon. I felt ok early on in the run and immediately starting taking time out of the guys in front catching Simon at the 10km mark, I then set my eyes on Nick. By the time we reached the 21km mark and turn around I was only 90seconds behind and then it was down to 46seconds a few kilometres later. The first half of the run had cloud cover and it was around 32c but then the sun came out and the humidity and temperature hit the high 30's straight away. I went through a bad patch at this point and Nicks lead went back to 1:30, I was hoping I would catch up but I really fell apart in the last 10km and it was a slow jog to the finish line for 2nd place. I'm a little disappointed in what could have been but that's racing. I'll be heading to the Chiropractor as soon as I return home as the flight of stairs that did the damage to my head put my neck out as well! I'll be having a short break as It's been a tough start to the season with three long distance events in the last three months having competed in Ironman New Zealand in March, Strongman Japan in April and Ironman Philippines yesterday. Thanks again for your fantastic support.

Kind Regards Cameron Brown

Ironman Philippines, Subic Bay

1st Nick Baldwin Seychelles 8:50:13

2nd Cameron Brown NZ       8:56:49

3rd Simon Cochrane NZ       8:58:58

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