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AUckland 70.3 Graham O'Grady 10th

The two weeks after Tauranga flew by which probably had a lot to do with having a new baby to look after! I knew my form was there and it was just going to be a case of carrying it through for two more weeks.   Things were going well I had been feeling pretty good after having a few fast sessions in.


The day started well, I was able to get to the front of the swim heading into the first turn but I sighted the wrong can, thinking that the turn was a further 100m ahead – bit of a novice whoops but I was swimming well and got back on course and up to 3rd place where I was happy to sit and conserve a bit heading on to the bike. 


The bike started ok, I kept reminding myself there is plenty of time to find the legs.   I maintained position for a while but when the first lot of chasers came through I felt that I was working a lot harder to maintain the pace.  I stuck it out in the group for the 90km and I have learnt from years of racing that you can feel like crap on the bike then have an awesome run so that's what I was visualising and hoping for!!!


The run the guys were flying!!   I tried not to get caught up in initial furious pace instead focused on getting my rhythm and hoped that I could pick things up as the run progressed.  Well I never really got going; I had to dig deep at times but did finish well for how things were going for me.


All in all a bit disappointed that I maybe did some things wrong in my lead up and generally just wasn't firing on the day as this is an event that I would love to do really well in.  Still I was able to take some positives from the race, some days are great others not and with the level of competition increasing every year you can't afford to be a few percent off your best or you get 10th


Am looking forward to getting stuck in to training again after taking a couple of day's recovery.

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